Goodbye Comfy. Hello Unbill.

Where did Comfy go?

First off, thank you for believing in us and in what we have been trying to accomplish with Comfy. We started this company 4 years ago with a dream to change how people find apartments. About 2 years ago we began to pivot towards Unbill to help people split and pay their bills. Over the last two years we’ve seen incredible progress with Unbill and it has been taking all of our time and attention.

In an effort to focus our energies on what we believe is the future for us, we needed to wind Comfy down. Thank you again for believing in our vision and giving us a shot. If you haven’t already, we invite you to take a look at Unbill. It represents an incredible future for us, and we have some very exciting news that we will be sharing on the Unbill front soon.
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