Revolutionizing bill payments.


Enable consumers to easily manage and pay all their bills via the most intelligent bill payment technology ever created.


Jordan Wright

Co-founder & CEO

Jordan is passionate about building breakthrough businesses. He's a proven leader in product strategy and entrepreneurship. Jordan's vision and problem solving skills allow the company to innovate at a breakneck pace. He can be found whiteboarding the next move, or on the river reeling in a big catch.

Scott Weinert

Co-founder & CTO

Scott has a strong background in engineering, design, and product development. He's led various technology companies through successful launches and optimizations. You'll see him carving his skis into snowy peaks or getting slammed into the boards at a hockey rink.

Carissa Fleskes

Operations Manager & Growth

Carissa is as detail-oriented and reliable as they come. Her skills in quality assurance and team building enable the company to scale and thrive. Carissa brings an unsurpassed level of hard work and insight to any project she gets her hands on. As a pro runner, you're likely to find her passing you if you ever run a marathon.

Sean Hill

Technical Lead

Sean is braniac smart and is truly passionate about building products that delight users. His optimism and persistence redefine what is possible through technology. Sean's versatile background makes him the secret weapon to any problem worth solving. You may also catch this triathlete swimming, cycling, and running his way to victory.